RiCOMA HP-1620F-T (S)

RiCOMA HP-1620F-T (S)

RiCOMA HP-1620F-T (S)

Prekės kodas: HP-1620F-T (S)
12 mėn
Kaina: 949.00 € KAIP PIRKTI PREKĘ

Automatiškai atsidarantis lyginimo presas su ištraukiama ant bėgelių apatine plokšte, nustatomu laikmačiu ir temperatūros reguliatoriumi RiCOMA HP-1620F-T (S).

Tinka tiek lyginimo funkcijoms atlikti tiek ir paklijavimo darbams.

RiCOMA HP-1620F-T (S) informacinis video


Ricoma HT-1620F-T termo presas yra tekstilinė šilumos spausdinimo plokštė su automatiniu dangčio pakėlimu. Idealiai tinka paklijavimui ar lyginimui plokščius paviršius.

Darbinis plotas 400 x 500 mm
Maksimali temperatūra 225ºC
13 cm jutiklinis ekranas
Vienas mygtuko jungiklis Celsijaus laipsniais
Magnetinė pagalbinė fiksavimo sistema
Dvi kalbos: anglų ir kinų
Skaitmeninis laiko ir temperatūros valdiklis
Rezultatų statistikos funkcija
Saugojimo funkcijos parametrai
Temperatūros tikslumas + - 0,5%
Įmontuotas universalus 110V / 60Hz ir 220V / 50Hz maitinimo šaltinis (automatiškai pritaikomas visame pasaulyje)

Тechninės charakteristikos:

Gamintojas - RiCOMA
Modelis HT-1620F-T
Maksimalus darbinis plotas - 16 "x 20" / 40x64x50.8 cm
Maksimali darbinė temperatūra - 225 ºC
Prispaudimo mechanizmas - Elektromagnetinis
Matmenys 980 x 580 x 680 mm
Įtampa 110 - 220V 
Galingumas - 1,8kW
Svoris - 70,31kg


The 15” x 15” Ricoma flat heat press is perfect for those interested in starting a print shop or expanding their custom apparel business. You can transfer designs onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, totes, mousepads, and so much more. This high-pressure clamshell style heat press is easy-to-use, durable, and can handle heavy-duty and frequent usage. You can be confident your transfers will come out perfectly with the heat press’s clamp mechanism, which provides even heat dispersion and pressure across the garment. Not to mention the auto-release function and drawer-style lower platen that make transferring designs and pumping out orders a breeze. Along with transferring designs, you can pair this heat press with an embroidery machine to create amazing mixed media designs. And if you have a DTG printer, this heat press is perfect for curing your prints and will give you a high-quality finished product customers will love. 

But one of the most important features of the machine is the advanced 5-inch digital touchscreen that gives you control over everything. With this simple yet high-tech panel, you can choose your language, set your date/time, change between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and view your production statistics. And when you’re done using the flat heat press, the platen’s nonstick surface guarantees an easy cleanup.


Auto-Release Function

No more sitting around and babysitting your heat press! Unlike manual heat presses, all of Ricoma’s heat presses have an auto-release feature. This means that when the timer runs out, the heat press automatically lifts the heating plate. A feature like this saves you time by allowing you to confidently complete other tasks, like DTG printing or using an embroidery machine, without worrying that the garment will be pressed longer than the timer allots.

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Drawer-Style Lower Platen

The slide-out platen on Ricoma’s flat heat presses is a feature designed with safety and comfort in mind. It gives you more room to lay down your garment on the press without putting your arms and hands underneath the heat. You’ll reduce the chance of burning yourself and be able to quickly press garments without worrying about the hot plate.

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Use for More Than Just Heat Transfers

The Ricoma flat heat press is useful for so much more than just heat transfer vinyl. You can use it to transfer sublimation designs, to cure prints made from a DTG printer, and more. Not to mention, you can combine the heat press with other apparel decoration equipment like a Ricoma embroidery machine to create mixed-media products that will attract customers and raise profits.

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Panel Features

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Timer and Temperature

Set your temperature to either Fahrenheit or Celsius and watch your order’s progress with the built-in timer. You can also alter the timer length at any point in case of last-minute changes. Now you don’t have to wait for the press to finish before changing the time length, reducing the chances of ruining your order.

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Save Current Parameter

Save the name, temperature, and time of your current order to use later. That way you don’t have to manually input the time and temperature when you want to do the same order later.

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Check Parameters List

See all preset settings for different projects and materials. When you want to start a new job, just press on the project you want to do, and the settings are loaded automatically. You’ll save time by being able to start orders instantly.

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Production Statistics Feature

See how many garments you’ve been able to produce in a set amount of time. This makes pricing a project more precise while giving you more control over your production timeline.



  • Perfect for transferring designs onto t-shirts, jackets, bags, and more 
  • Can be paired with an embroidery machine to create stunning mixed media designs 
  • Can be used to cure prints from DTG printers 
  • 5” digital touchscreen panel 
  • Timer and adjustable heat temperature 
  • Temperature readable in both Fahrenheit and Celsius  
  • Auto-release function 
  • Drawer-style lower platen 
  • Quick-heating plate 
  • Nonstick platen  
  • Powerful clamp mechanism 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Made with sturdy and durable materials to withstand frequent and heavy use 
  • Cushioned handle ​


Platen Size: 15” x 15”
Max Temperature:  437˚F / 220˚C
Weight: 95 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 99 lbs.
Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.5%
Voltage: 110V
Power Consumption: 1.5 kw
Materials: Steel and aluminum